Hey Everybody,
It is only the 4th  day but I posted 2 stories already! I am a woman of my word!
Did you guys know that I am a fan of youtubers?
Yeah, I love how people using creativity making interesting videos.

Not to mention my favourite are the twins Jack and Finn Harries, Jack is very creative I love how he edits the videos, especially about his 24 hours travelling , and other random videos sharing about his pets or life.

Moving on,
I’ve been looking for a book that is written by a British youtuber Marcus Butler. He wrote a book called ‘Hello Life’, which consisting of his journey, advices, healthy lifestyle and other fun stories. I’ve been looking for this book everywhere but I couldn’t find it in Indonesia.

 A friend of mine told me that there is a large bookstore not far from where I work, located near the Tottenham court road station which is only 3 stations away from where I work. So I decided to go there right after work today.
But Unfortunately Tottenham court station in under construction , it should takes 4 minutes walks from Tottenham station to the bookstore but somehow it takes me like 15 minutes walk because I have to stop at the next station and then walk through there.
When I get in there, I am surprised that my friend was right. Foyles has 5 floors full of books you can find like almost all genre of books, not to mention they also sell dvd’s and music.

You can find anything like literally any books that you want. 99% sure they must have it.

Finally I get my book ! after trying to find it by my self for more than an hour I gave up and ask someone to help me, and BAM ! the book is right on the cashier. What a shame L
The book is actually a little bit pricey ! However, It consist about more than 250 pages and using a hard cover, but yeah, one useful tips from me. Don’t convert Pounds to Rupiah, you will cry .

Well, I got what I have on top of my wish list, I am a happy kid ,

If you have any recommendation where should I go next, feel free to comment down below.

See you really soon !

Lots of love,

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