Hey everybody !
For this opportunity I would like to share with you readers about my trip to the UK. 
I'm currently staying in London for an internship job. I work at the Indonesian Investment and Promotion Centre, IIPC located in Central London, which is a very busy city and everyone walks too fast and to get in there I always go through London Underground, better known as the Tube, and yes for the first time it was really confusing because there are too many lines, but it is not that hard after you get used to it.

Being an intern in IIPC is a real deal for me and to be honest I am not familiar with what I'm doing, seeing that my background is from social science! However, it is also a great challenging opportunity for me. 

Why the UK ? 

I always prefer Europe rather than other region because I love it here, the weather, the people, the differentiation in cultures and everything about it! Umm, and of course I love Asia too ;) but maybe because I grew up there, I'm just a little bit bored of it and that is why I said I prefer Europe! What I love about the UK, is the weather. Yeah you can disagree regarding this argument and I know a lot of the Brits complain about their weather, whether it is too cold, too windy, always raining and the sun is hidden from the view in the UK most of the time and it is a completely different story with Indonesia, the sun is always there, right above you and sometimes it is just too hot to be true.
However, we always want what we don't have, right ? 

Near my office there is a church called St. Paul's Cathedral, located very strategically in the middle of the city and it is a very beautiful old buildings.

Every spot in London is Instagramable ! wait what ? is that even a word? 
LOL, who cares, you know what I mean........ right ?

I promise that you will see a lot of post during my stay in here,

Bye-bye for now!

Lots of love,

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