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Hey everybody!

ATTENTION (this is gonna be really long and super boring post about 5seconds of stupidity, if you don't like them, I suggest you to pass this post, but if you did like them YOU GUYS ROCK! xx)

It's been a while since my last post and I apologize for that T.T

It's been a crazy busy months lately ! fyi I'm currently at my 8th term of my studies !1 term to go till graduate ! yaaaay !However,  assignments, projects, and paper was crazy, I can't wait to end this mad semester !

Back to the topic, did you guys know that I'm a huge fans of Australian bands called 5 Seconds of Summer? you probably know since my blog's name is made out of their song title, Hey everybody!xx
A little throwback, I've been following them since 2013 if I'm not mistaken, I've found them when one of the One Direction members Louis tweeted about Luke's youtube channel, He basically just doing some covers at his channel. I'm not that interested at first because to be honest they are just alright, not that good and not that special and they are just covering other people's song and post them on youtube. but what I like about them is they play their own instrument, they are NOT a boyband they are a band...don't get this wrong OK, a punk rock band.

I can't remember when I suddenly saw them on TV, singing SLSP and I was like... WTF? who the hell is this ? I love their music! I didn't know they are the same band as the noob band that I saw back then. They are all grown up and just...different. The most important thing is they sing their own song and I Lurve them <3. Most people said they are famous because of One Direction and I personally think that is correct. I don't know much about One Direction back then. I knew couple of their song but I'm not into them that much before. The only One D member I like is Liam. If people were asking, do you like OneD? my answer will always be .. yeah I like Liam. Because to be honest, he is the only one I know. LOL
At that time, I can't remember when was that exactly, but my friends were going to watch 1D concert in Jakarta. They asked me to go but I said I'm not going, it's not because I don't like them but simply because I don't know much of their song and I'm not into their types music.
Furthermore, this one friend told me the magic word "5SOS played at OneD concert in Japan as the opening guest, there is a chance that they will come to 1D concert in Jakarta".
At that day during that time, I open my laptop and  I buy OneD ticket right away. 
Yes, because of 5sos. I know I'm stupid, don't judge me. Sadly, they are not coming to Indonesia and after I watched OneD concert live, I admit I'm a directioners even if I don't know their song during the show,
They are so HAWT Omg,

At November 2015, there was an announcement that 5SOS will come to Indonesia at March 2016. Of course, I bought the ticket right away. It was the most expensive concert ticket that I've ever purchased it. I got the right fan-pit (standing) nearest the stage + soundcheck experience but what made me mad is after paying huge amount of money I didn't get the chance for M&G :( this is heartbreaking! I thought at least I am allowed to take a picture with them just like what they provided in the previews 5SOS concert.

We were this close to the  stage ! yeah, front row baby!
During soundcheck we were at the left side btw,but we are not allowed to record anything during the soundcheck experience sadly:(.
I don't know how,the security guy just asked asked us to stay on  the left side even if we bought the right fan-pit ticket at the first place.
I always wanted to go for the left side (Michael side) but my friend whose I'm going with, didn't really like Mikey. She loves Calum so much, and she wanted to pick the right side so badly. Since we bought the ticket at the same time and we plan to watch them together and also since I'm alright with both Cal and Mikey, then yeah! fan pit right it is.

Luke is a babe!

I uploaded some videos during the shows below ! make sure you check my instagram and youtube as well !


Special songs for Indonesia fams, Nasi goreng and Jakarta song !

Well-well, that's a wrap for todays post, and I'll see you guys later!

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you rock !

lots of love,

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