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G'day Everybody!
Welcome back to my not so boring blog :')

I wish I could write new post as much as I want,  but there are a lot of things happen lately in my life.

Ok, I will explain briefly,…….deep breath……..
I currently graduated from Uni and after taking a short break from doing nothing:P 
I decided to find a job to live a more productive life HAHA !
I ended up working for one of the most prestige four star hotel in Jakarta. 
I am so happy and excited about it…… (at first)….

However, for the first few weeks, working on something that is not based on my field kinda stressed me out. It also freaks me when everyone seemed sooo busy with their job and I just sit there doing mostly nothing  .

It’s been a month now and I guess it is safe to say that I am doing just fine, and I kinda understand about what I am doing now 

Working for almost 10 hours for weekdays drives me insane-___- I am no longer can hang out with my friends, or just chilling at home doing nothing. I have to wake up at 6am every morning and it is impossible to endure lol.

My mum told me there will be a family gathering  for the weekend, my family from Europe  will come to visit Bali, and she asked me to go, and I guess I deserve a short gateaway from my boring daily activity !

SO,,,,YAAAY hello Bali !

I will show you where did I stay in Bali,

The hotel called ARTOTEL SANUR located in  Jl. Kusuma Sari No.1, Sanur, Bali.

The hotel is amazing, I want to take picture at every spot of the hotel ! it is just......... hmm Insta worhty :P

Let me present you the lobby !

Who needs elevator when your stairs look like this

Wanna take a look of my fancy wall inside ?

No, I did not wake up like that, I did 5 hours make up before took that picture, just kidding OK, it takes me 30 mins  tbh :P

Here's another picture taken from the balcony .. I want to pose look like those tumblr gurls.

Wait what ?? Huge mirror inside the room ? MIRROORR SELFIEEE :p

First thing first :) breakfast


This insta-worthy walls located on the third floor , or fourth, If I'm not mistaken.. Ok I'm human too.. sometimes I forget things.....well, most of the time XD

Infinity pool !! too bad I can't swim that day, because our schedule was packed ! it's a family gathering ok, not private holiday :( 

I'll be back for the pool of couse :)

Last but not least, a group picture, 

That's me in the middle lookin stupid with my cowboy hat.

I did not bring a Camera that day, so yeah I took everything with my Iphone 7. the quality was gooood tho,, right ?

That's it for this post! 

I'll give 9 out of 10 for this hotel, overall it was good,.. too bad I did not stay long enough ! 
But hey !! I'm having a great time Okay ! 

Have you been to this hotel? please let me know what you think ! 

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see ya !
Lots of love,


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